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Karen Rose Kobylka

Welcome to Karen Rose Kobylka – the nurturing space where transformation begins. Her self-help memoir, set to launch on March 3rd 2024, is a poignant narrative of triumph over adversity, providing inspiration for all who seek empowerment. Simultaneously, Karen is in training to become a Certified Spiritual Coach, channeling her resilience and intuitive insights into soul coaching programs. Explore the pages of her memoir and join Karen on this dynamic path towards self-discovery, purpose, and a life enriched with soulful meaning. Karen is also working on publishing 8 more books to help people with their spiritual growth. Stay tuned for updates.


Karen Rose Kobylka

Karen, a seasoned entrepreneur in the beauty industry turned spiritual medium, has always been fueled by a passion for enhancing the well-being of others. From her early successes as a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist to pioneering Canada's mobile beauty industry, Karen's journey took a transformative turn. Overcoming health challenges and gracefully closing her thriving venture, Golden Age Divas, Karen discovered her true calling as a spiritual medium and soon to be soul coach. With honed intuitive abilities from extensive study and training, she now proudly holds the title of a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach. Karen has launch her self-help memoir, a powerful testament to her triumphant journey. Eager to share her wisdom, upon completing her Spiritual Coaching Certification, Karen will offer spiritual soul coaching programs, guiding others toward a simpler, soul-nourishing life. Embracing her purpose, Karen strolls the beaches of Vancouver Island, delves into the Art of Spirit, and provides readings on occasion at the Soul of the Gypsy Boutique in Sooke, British Columbia. Her mission is clear: to help people discover their purpose, recognize their worth, and lead lives filled with fulfillment.

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Helping you find your light, like coal that has turned into a shiny diamond.-Karen Rose Kobylka

My Memoir


In "Soul Dance," join Karen on a poignant and triumphant journey as she navigates the intricate dance between her intuitive gifts and the challenging rhythms of life. A developing spiritual medium, Karen unveils her battles with bipolar disorder, mania, psychosis, and betrayal, transforming adversity into an empowering narrative of resilience. This gripping memoir delves into the shadows of mental health struggles while celebrating the triumph of the soul's enduring spirit. With each step of the soul dance, Karen offers a beacon of hope, guiding readers through the intricate choreography of healing, self-discovery, and the transformative power of embracing one's true purpose. This is a compelling story of finding light in the darkest corners and emerging with a renewed sense of self and purpose.



Get ready for an exciting chapter as I gear up to launch my eagerly awaited memoir, "Soul Dance," on March 3rd, 2024. This book is not just a personal story; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of transformation. As I unveil the pages of "Soul Dance," I invite you to join me on this profound journey—a journey of triumph over the complexities of bipolar disorder, mania, psychosis, and betrayal. This memoir is more than just words on paper; it's an offering of hope and inspiration to all those navigating their own soul dances. Stay tuned for the unveiling, as we embark together on a transformative exploration of healing, self-discovery, and the profound dance of the soul. Go to to purchase your copy of Soul Dance.


Karen Rose Kobylka

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